Conference services, events, teambuilding events for companies. We specialize in organizing events which will help you to integrate and motivate your company employees and strengthen and build successful relations with clients.
When organizing an event we provide accommodation, conference rooms, board, transportation and everything else which might be necessary for small and large groups of guests. The full service, carried out by Adventure company, minimalizes the Customer’s duties.


For everyone, who likes to explore the depths of the underground abyss, we organize trips to Jurassic caves.

Mountain expeditions:

We offer mountain trips around Poland to everyone who loves mountains and trekking. We have something for all adrenaline levels.


We organize several-days teambuilding trips, during which the employees will take part in attractive outdoor competitions.

Weekend trips

Adventure offers weekend stays in the largest cities of our country. We can show you one city in a weekend and present all of its history during one stay.

Conference Halls

We deliver company conferences or business meetings. Our company provides facilities with an excellent sound system, so the first as well as the last rows won’t have any problems with the reception of the meeting. We provide equipment and all the materials you might find necessary.


We will take you back in time… to the times which your children probably know from stories, and you will be able to re-live your memories. This is for those of you, who wants to experience and taste a little bit Poland – how it was 30 years ago.